How to Charge ATV Battery: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

I will walk you through the modern methods of how to charge ATV battery, providing tips and tricks tailored to 2023’s best practices.

By following my guidelines, you’ll not only revive your ATV but also ensure it’s powered up, ready, and raring to go whenever the adventure bug bites.

How To Charge An ATV Battery

Required & Optional Tools for Charging your Quad

ToolStatusShort Description
Battery ChargerRequiredCharges the battery
Safety GlovesRequiredHand protection
Safety GlassesRequiredEye protection
MultimeterOptionalMeasures voltage
Wire BrushOptionalCleans terminals
Battery Terminal Cleaner/Baking Soda Sol.OptionalCleans terminals
Distilled Water (For FLA batteries)OptionalRefills fluid
Screwdrivers or Wrench SetOptionalFor removing covers
Battery Terminal Protector SprayOptionalProtects terminals
Battery Carrier or StrapOptionalCarries battery
Hydrometer (for FLA batteries)OptionalMeasures fluid density
Battery Post & Terminal Cleaner ToolOptionalCleans posts/terminals

How to Charge ATV Battery – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Preparation

Basically, when getting started, I’d recommend parking the ATV/UTV in a dry, well-ventilated spot, perhaps something like an open garage. It’s super important to me that both the battery and charger stay dry. From my experience, always make sure to turn off the ATV and its accessories; this ensures there are no unexpected sparks.

Step 2: Access & Inspect the Battery

For me, the next step is locating the battery. Some can be a bit sneaky, hidden behind covers. I advise taking a good look at the battery to check for any cracks or damages. If you spot any, I think it’s best not to charge it.

Step 3: Identify Battery Type

You’ll want to find any labels or part numbers on the battery to determine its type. My quick guide for identifying them is:

  • FLA: Basically, it’s non-sealed with visible fluid levels.
  • SLA/VRLA: Sealed with a flat top.
  • Lithium-Ion: This one’s very lightweight.
  • Gel-Cell Battery: Sealed, and you won’t feel any movement if you shake it.
  • AGM Batteries: This one can resemble GEL, but I reckon you can distinguish it by the model number.

Step 4: Use the Correct Charger

Ensure the charger you’re using is a good fit for the battery type. Most chargers I recommend should be 12V and compatible with 1-3A.

Step 5: (Optional) Check Battery Voltage

Using a multimeter can be really helpful here. I think this step can give you a good idea of how much charge is required. Charging times can vary, of course, but this gives you a ballpark estimate.

Step 6: Prepare for Connection

I’d say always clean those battery terminals so you can get a secure connection. First connect the positive (red) clamp to the battery’s positive terminal. For the negative (black) clamp, it’s safer to connect it to the frame or engine.

Step 7: Set the Charger

If you have a manual charger, I advise setting the appropriate current (usually it’s the battery Ah-rating divided by 10). For those with intelligent chargers, make sure to select the right mode based on the battery type.

Step 8: Start Charging

Now, start the charging process. But remember, I’d strongly advise against starting the ATV while it’s being charged.

Step 9: Monitor the Battery

Monitoring is key!

Make sure the battery doesn’t overheat. If it feels warm to me, I’d pause the charging and let it cool down a bit. For those FLA batteries, keep an eye on the fluid levels and refill with distilled water if needed. If you’re using a manual charger like I sometimes do, monitor the voltage and when it’s at about a 80% charge level, reduce the current and leaving the battery until it’s fully charged.

I can’t stress this enough, always consult the user manuals of both your charger and battery. They might have some unique instructions that are vital for your specific equipment.

Interesting ATV and UTV Battery Information

  1. Battery Life Expectancy: According to ATV helper, On average, an ATV battery lasts about 3-4 years, but this can vary based on usage and maintenance.
  2. Charge Discharge Cycles: According to Federal Batteries, Most ATV batteries can undergo between 200-300 charge-discharge cycles before their capacity significantly diminishes.
  3. Voltage Levels: A fully charged 12V ATV battery typically reads around 12.5 to 13.1 volts. If it drops below 12.5V, it’s best to get it checked.

How to Charge Your ATV Battery with a Car Charger?

To charge an ATV battery with a car charger, turn both vehicles off. Connect the charger’s positive to the battery’s positive and negative to negative. I recommend monitoring the charge to avoid overcharging.

How to Charge Your ATV Battery with a Car Battery?

Connect jumper cables from the car’s battery to the ATV’s battery: positive to positive, negative to negative. Use a car by starting it and running it for a few minutes to transfer charge. I advise not to let them connect for too long – I’d recommend about 5 minutes.

Here is a great video I found of exactly how to jump an ATV battery, in this case using a generator.

Does My Battery Need To Be Replaced?

If your ATV or UTV battery consistently loses charge or lacks power, I think it’s a sign to replace it.

Upon researching a help source article, One interesting fact that stands out is..

“Using a new battery that has not been fully charged can damage the battery and result in a shorter life. It also can hinder vehicle performance.”

This fact underscores the importance of properly charging a new battery before its initial use. It’s not only about ensuring maximum battery life but also about maintaining optimal vehicle performance. 

How Fast To Charge The Battery?

I recommend charging ATV batteries slowly, usually at 10% of their amp-hour rating to ensure battery longevity.

Prevent Battery From Dying Over Winter?

To prevent your ATV battery from dying over winter, I advise using a trickle charger or battery maintainer to keep it active.

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Can a dead ATV battery be recharged?

A completely dead ATV battery might not recharge. However, if it holds minimal voltage, a suitable charger can attempt revival. I recommend checking with a multimeter first.

What kind of battery charger for ATV?

For ATVs, I recommend a smart charger with trickle or maintenance mode to safeguard and optimize the battery’s health.

How do you start an ATV with a dead battery?

Use jumper cables connected to a working car battery or another ATV. Connect positive to positive and negative to negative, then try starting the ATV. It’s a method I find effective.

How often do you charge ATV battery?

I advise recharging your ATV battery every 30 days when idle. Regular use naturally recharges the battery during rides.

Does it matter what battery charger I use?

Yes. I strongly recommend using a charger designed for your ATV battery type. It ensures both safety and optimal charging.

How do you start an ATV that has been sitting?

Check the battery, fuel, and oil. If the battery is weak, charge or jump-start it. Ensure the fuel is fresh and the oil is in good condition. After these checks, attempt to start. Always refer back to the ATV manual for guidance.

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Having gone through the various steps and tips for ATV battery charging, I can’t stress enough the importance of proper maintenance for ensuring a seamless off-road experience.

I think it’s essential to realize that regardless of the ATV brand you own, the underlying principles of battery care remain largely consistent.

I recommend being proactive about your battery’s health: monitor its charge, don’t allow it to dip below the advised voltage levels, and charge it as necessary.

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