How often to Wax Snowboard [Rule of Thumb]

One of the most important aspects of snowboarding is making sure your board is well-maintained. This means waxing it regularly to keep it in good condition. We hope to concisely answer how often to wax snowboard in this post.

The Consensus [Rule of Thumb]

Whether you are a beginner snowboarder, a hobbyist snowboarder, or a seasoned pro. Each of the below conditions play a factor. A good rule of thumb is to wax your board every 3-5 full days of riding. Unless you become more in tune with the impacting variables and decide on waxing your board more or less frequently.

Reasons to Wax your Snowboard

  • To keep the board in good condition
  • To increase your speed and performance
  • To protect the board from damage

Signs your Snowboard needs Waxing

If your board is starting to feel slow and heavy on the slopes, this may be a sign that it needs waxing. Other signs include scratches and nicks on the base of the board, as well as build-up of snow or dirt. If you notice any of these signs, it is definitely time to give your board a waxing.

How Often to Wax Snowboard will Depend on a Number of Factors

1. The base of your board: Sintered vs Extrude base

Sintered Base:

Is more porous meaning it has more holes which attracts more wax thus increasing its speed performance while lasting longer than the extruded base.

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An extruded base:

An extruded base requires less waxing than sintered base.

A good rule of thumb is to remember:

  • A waxed sintered board is faster than a waxed extruded board
  • An unwaxed extruded board is faster than an unwaxed sintered board

2. Frequency of Board Use

How often you go snowboarding will also play a role in determining how often to wax snowboard. If you are an avid snowboarder and spend several days on the slopes each season, you will need to wax more often than a snowboarder who only goes out once or twice a year. This is because a board that is used frequently will endure more friction and pick up more dirt and debris, which can cause the wax to wear off faster.

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3. The Snow Conditions

The type of snow you typically snowboard on will also have an impact on how often you need to wax your board. Wetter snow requires more frequent waxing, as the moisture will cause the base of the board to become slick and difficult to ride on.

Conversely, drier snow doesn’t require as much waxing, as it won’t absorb as much moisture and will be less likely to cause the board to slip.

4. To Increase the Speed of the Board

How often you wax your snowboard could increase its speed. This is because a well-waxed board will slide over the snow more easily than one that is not, allowing you to ride faster with less effort. In general, you will need to wax your board more often if you are looking to increase its speed.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced snowboarder, it is important to regularly wax your board. This will help keep it in good condition and prevent damage, while also allowing you to achieve greater speeds and performance on the slopes.

How often to wax snowboard will depend on a number of factors, including the type of base of your board, how often you use it, and the snow conditions you typically snowboard in.

Our research tells us “A good rule of thumb is to wax your board every 3-5 full days of riding. Unless you become more in tune with the impacting variables and decide on waxing your board more or less frequently.”

Regardless of how often to wax snowboard, it is important to make sure this task is a regular part of your snowboarding routine in order to get the most out of your board.

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