Best electric unicycles

The Best Electric Unicycle in 2023 [Ranked]

In this article, we will rank and review the best electric unicycle on the market in 2023.

We’ll take a look at price, features, portability, and more!

What is an Electric Unicycle?

Electric unicycles, also known as self-balancing electric scooters or monowheels, are a type of electric vehicle that consists of a single wheel and a motorized base.

The best electric unicycles are typically controlled by the rider leaning left or right to speed up or slow down, making them a unique and exciting mode of transportation.

The best electric unicycles will offer a range of features and specs that set them apart from the competition.

These include high-quality motors, powerful batteries, and advanced sensors for increased stability and ease of use.

Best All Round

Inmotion V10/F

Best Off-Road

Gotway Monster V3

Ranking Best Electric Unicycle in the Market – Top 9


Inmotion V10/F

Looking for a cutting-edge, high-powered unicycle? Check out the InMotion V10F electric unicycle!

This top-of-the-line 16-inch unicycle has been engineered for optimal weight distribution and form factor, making it the perfect choice for serious riders.

With industry-leading power and a dramatic increase in top speed and range, the V10F is sure to give you an exhilarating riding experience.

And because InMotion electric unicycles pay attention to quality control and safety, you can ride with peace of mind knowing that this unicycle is built to last.


  • Max Range: 60km
  • Motor Power: 2000W 
  • Battery Capacity: 960Wh 84V
  • Max Speed Assist: 40 kmph
  • Climbing Angle: 35 degrees
  • Tyre: 16 x 2.5 inch
  • Weight: 20.6 kg
  • Max Payload: 120 kg
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Charger Output: DC 84V* 2.5 Amp 
  • Charging Time: 8 hours 


  • Responsive Brake Light
  • Bluetooth speaker for listening to music
  • Programmable Side RGB LEDs
  • 16 x 2.5-inch tire for better grip and offroad riding
  • Larger pedals with grip tape
  • Headlight for night riding
  • Built-in trolley handle and anti-spin button for convenience
  • IP55 grade water resistance
  • High-mounted pedals for tight maneuvering

King Song 16X

The KingSong 16X is packed with features that make it a joy to ride.

With a larger battery and more powerful motor, the 16X is perfect for taking on tougher terrain or hitting higher speeds on the road.

The upgraded control boards and 4x 5W stereo speakers provide a smooth ride and great sound quality, while the 20W bass speaker ensures that your music always sounds its best.

The scooter also features two separate charging ports and two USB ports to make charging your devices easier than ever.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable mode of transportation or just a fun way to get around, the King Song 16X is the perfect choice for you.


  • Battery: 1554Wh 84V
  • Charger: DC 84V * 1.5 Amp
  • Charge Time: ~ 5 Hours
  • Climbing Angle: ~35 degrees
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Max Range: ~100km
  • Max Speed Assist: 50km/h
  • Motor Power: 2200W
  • Pedal Height: 180mm
  • Wheel / Tire Size: 16 x 3 inch
  • Item Weight: 23.5kg


  • 16 x 3-inch tire
  • Dual Charge Ports
  • Dual USB ports for devices
  • Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • Retractable trolley handle
  • Rear fender with reflective strip
  • Wide 9.5-inch pedals with grip tape
  • Responsive rear brake/indicator lights
  • Customizable LED ambiance lights
  • High-ground clearance pedals
  • Long range on a single charge

Gotway MSuper X (MSX) Electric Unicycle

The Gotway MSuper X is perfect for those who want to zip around at high speeds, with a max speed of 50kmph.

With a large 19-inch wheel and 2000W motor, this ewheel can handle anything you throw at it.

Choose between the 84V 1600Wh model for extended range (up to 100km depending on conditions) or the 100V 1230Wh model for higher top speed.

Either way, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the 3-inch wide tyre.

At 23kg, the MSuper X is also one of the lightest electric scooters on the market. So whether you’re commuting to work or cruising around town, the Gotway MSuper X is a great choice.


  • Battery: Lithium Ion 84V 1600Wh or 100V 1230Wh (NCR18651 GA)
  • Charge Time: ~15Hrs depending on battery size
  • Dimensions: 546 mm (H) x 490 mm (L) x 266 mm (thickness)
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Maximum speed: 25km/h, unbridgeable 40km/h after 200km
  • Motor Power: 2000W (nominal power)
  • Range: ~65km – 160km (depending on battery size)
  • Slope: max 25 °
  • Item Weight: 23.5kg
  • Wheel / Tire Size: 19-inch tires


  • BT Music
  • Stability of the 19-inch wheel
  • Powerful headlight, ambient integrated lighting
  • Very quiet fan for cooling the card
  • Well-integrated trolley design
  • Pedals high at 13.6 cm height
  • Connectivity: IOS Android ANDROID Bluetooth App

King Song 18S

Looking for electric unicycles that can take you anywhere, on or off road?

Look no further than the King Song S18!

This powerful unicycle is packed with all the latest features, including a built-in retractable trolley handle, front and rear lights, and Bluetooth for data connectivity.

The S18 also features a built-in suspension that’s adjustable from on/off to different pressurization, making it the perfect choice for any terrain.

And with a new upgraded 2200W motor and huge battery pack, you can cruise comfortably for incredible distances with no range anxiety.

So whether you’re looking to commute to work or explore the great outdoors, the King Song S18 is the perfect choice for any adventure.


  • Battery: 1110Wh, 84V with Smart BMS with balancing, over-charge, over-current, & short circuit protection.
  • Charging Time: 6hrs
  • Dimensions: 22” H x 21” W x 8”
  • Hill Climbing: ~40° max
  • Max Payload: 120kg – higher payloads will generally decrease performance
  • Motor Power: (New) 2200W sustained, 5000W peak
  • Range: 80 km max potential range
  • Top Speed: 50km/h – unlockable after 6 miles ridden.
  • Item Weight: 21.7kg


  • Pedals: Large pedals with grip tape, 4-8” ground clearance
  • Tire: Extra large 18” diameter 3” wide tire
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth for data transfer. Compatible with the King Song App.
  • Lights: Bright headlight, rear brake light with turn signal functionality
  • Handle: Built-in retractable push handle
  • Motor Kill-Switch: Handle sensor to detect lifting motion
  • USB Ports: Built-in dual USB ports for powering and charging your devices
  • Safety Warning System: Audible beeps, pedal tilt-back (configurable in app)

Inmotion V8/F

The InMotion V8F is the perfect all-around electric unicycle for those who want power, maneuverability, and range.

With an incredible design, the InMotion V8F is perfect for getting around in style.

Featuring larger 9.5″ pedals made from magnesium alloy with rubber cushioning and grip tape, the V8F is perfect for all terrain.

The Bluetooth 4.0 BLE speaker means you can enjoy sound and vocal effects without sacrificing performance.


  • Battery: 518Wh
  • Charger: DC 84V* 1.5 Amp
  • Charging time: 4.5hrs
  • Max Climbing Angle: ~30 degrees slope
  • Max Payload: ~120kg
  • Max Range: 40-50kms
  • Max Speed Assist: 35km/h
  • Motor Power: 1000W nominal, 2000W peak
  • Real World Range: 30-35km (80kg rider)
  • Wheel / Tire Size: 16 x 2.125inch tyre
  • Item Weight: 14.5kg


  • Built-in Leg Pads added similar to the V10 series
  • Pedals: new Larger 9.5″ Pedals – magnesium alloy pedals with a rubber cushion and grip tape
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE speaker (does not play music as V10F but sound and vocal effects)
  • Programmable Side RGB LEDs
  • 16 x 2.125-inch tire
  • Larger pedals with grip tape
  • Choice of Ride Mode: Classic or Comfort modes with pedal sensitivity adjustment to customize exactly how you like your V8F to feel
  • Headlight for night riding
  • Built-in retractable trolley handle and anti-spin button for convenience
  • IP55 grade water resistance
  • High-mounted pedals for tight maneuvering

Gotway Monster V3

Looking for electric unicycles that can handle anything you throw at it? Look no further than the Gotway Monster V3.

With the biggest battery and most powerful motor available, the Monster V3 is ready to take on whatever you need it to.

Whether you’re commuting long distances or tackling steep hills, the Monster V3 will get you where you need to go with ease.

And with a range of up to 160 km+, you won’t have to worry about recharging during your trip.

The 22-inch tires also make the Monster V3 perfect for off-road riding, giving you a smooth ride over even the roughest terrain.

So if you’re looking for an electric unicycle that can do it all, the Gotway Monster V3 is a perfect choice.


  • Battery: 1845Wh
  • Max Payload: 120 kg
  • Charging time: 5-7 Hours
  • Engine power: 2500 Watt
  • Max speed: 50-60km/h
  • Max Range: ~120-160 km
  • Reach: 120 -160 km
  • Item Weight: 28kg


  • Brighter Headlight: more powerful ~1000 lumen headlight for riding in low light conditions.
  • Thicker Gauge Charging Input Wires: claims to support up to 20A of charging. While the wiring may support this rate of charge, it is generally not recommended to use more than 8-10A of charging current, owing to the risk that if one of the battery packs develops a problem, the remaining pack will take too much current.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: integrated dual-5W speakers, provide the ability to stream music from your phone.
  • Illuminated Monster Logo: an illuminated Monster logo is visible when powered on.

Veteran Sherman

Looking for an electric unicycle that can go anywhere and handle any terrain? Look no further than the Veteran Sherman.

This massive unicycle is 20 inches in size and features a 2500W motor and 3200Wh battery, making it perfect for tackling even the most challenging terrain.

The dual charging ports allow you to charge two batteries at once, meaning you can get back on the road quickly after a long day of riding.

The LCD panel displays all the information you need to keep track of your rides, including speed, battery voltage, mileage, and mode switching.

Whether you’re looking to commute or just explore off-road, the Veteran Sherman is the perfect choice for any adventure.


  • Battery Capacity: 3200 Wh 100.8V
  • Charger Output: DC 100V* 5Amp
  • Charging Time: 8hrs (4 hours with dual charger)
  • Climbing Angle: ~ 30 degrees
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Motor Power: 2500 W
  • Max speed: 72 km/h
  • Max Range: 220km
  • Wheel / Tire Size: Kenda K262 20 inch knobby tire
  • Item Weight: 35 kg


  • Bluetooth App Support: there’s a new beta release of Darknessbot, which now supports the base feature set for communicating with the Wheel for obtaining battery/speed stats, etc. EUC World & enhanced Sherman-specific extensions are expected in the next month.
  • Charge Port Upgrades: the GX16-5 charge port connector will be fitted with wires on pins 1-2 (+) & 4-5 (-) to support up to 8A for a single charger.
  • Pads: the Sherman will be shipping with a set of pads as standard equipment (picture to follow), our PowerPads are available too at the time of these arrivals.
  • Fender & Seats: The veteran is working on designing a Custom fender for the Wheel, seats are a lower priority, but should be available within the next 6-8 weeks.

Gotway MTen3

The Gotway Mten3 is one of the most compact and powerful electric unicycles on the market.

It’s perfect for those who want to be able to take their unicycle with them wherever they go, without sacrificing power or performance.

The Mten3 has a large battery capacity of 512Wh and a powerful 800W motor that provides plenty of torque for acceleration and tackling hills.

This little unit is so much fun to ride and can be taken nearly anywhere you go. Plus, it comes with an anti-spin button to switch off the motor for convenience when picking up the unit from the ground.

Please note that the Mten3 420Wh 67.2V model is a lower-powered unit due to the use of Samsung35e batteries.

The Mten3 512Wh 84V model will offer better performance.

So if you’re looking for an electric unicycle that packs a punch but is still small enough to take with you wherever you go, the Gotway Mten3 is a perfect choice.


  • Battery Capacity: 512Wh
  • Climbing Angle: ~30 degrees
  • Charging Time: 4 Hours
  • Max Payload: 100kg
  • Max Range: ~25-30km
  • Max Speed: ~38km/h
  • Motor Power: 800W
  • Wheel / Tire Size: 10 x 3 inch
  • Item Weight: 10.5kg


  • Lift motor suppression button, for carrying up stairs or curbs
  • A uniform set of black side pads to match the new shell design
  • Fitted with a larger set of pedals
  • The LED light scheme changed from a rainbow pattern to default white (the panels give the effect of a deep purple). Lighting modes can be changed through the App.
  • Back to using the more reliable tubeless tire.

Begode Tesla V3

Introducing the Begode Tesla v3 (T3), the 16″ electric unicycle that’s capable of reaching speeds of up to 50kmph!

The T3 features a powerful 2000W motor that gives it great acceleration and torque, making it perfect for urban riding where responsive changes in speed are often needed.

With a max range of 70-80km on a single charge, the T3 is perfect for longer rides too.

And thanks to its 2.125″ wide tire, the T3 is easy to control at both low and high speeds.

Plus, with a variety of customizable light patterns on either side of the main body, as well as a rear logo LED and front headlight for improved visibility, you’ll be able to ride safely even at night.

So if you’re looking for an electric unicycle that’s fast, fun, and easy to ride, look no further than the Begode Tesla v3!


  • Battery Capacity: 1500Wh
  • Charging Time: 12 hours
  • Climbing Angle: ~20-25 degrees
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Max Range: ~70-80km
  • Max Speed: ~50km/h
  • Motor Power: 2000W
  • Pedal height: 135mm
  • Wheel / Tire Size: 16 x 2.125 inch
  • Item Weight: 22kg


  • 16 inch 2000W hollow motor
  • LED screen, which can display the current riding speed, remaining power, motherboard temperature, total mileage, program mode (1 soft / 2 medium / 3 hard)
  • Upgraded pedal folding method, spring fixed instead of magnetic to make it more stable
  • Retractable handle
  • Anti-spin button to cutout motor
  • Atmospheric LEDs: ring of programmable LEDs around each side of the wheel for a greater visual impact
  • Bluetooth Speakers integrated (without external shell holes) to improve water resistance
  • Headlight for night riding with 3 modes, low, high and flashing

What to Consider before Investing in an Electric Unicycle

Speed, Portability, and Range

are the main factors to consider when investing in an electric unicycle.

You’ll need to make sure that the unit you choose has the power and range to get you where you need to go, while also being compact enough for easy transport.


Weight is also something to consider, as the lighter the unicycle, the easier it will be to ride.

Make sure that the unit you choose has the power and range you need, while also being lightweight enough to carry with you on the go.

Wheel Size

Wheels size is another important factor to consider when purchasing an electric unicycle.

Larger wheels provide more stability and can handle rougher terrain better than smaller wheels.

However, larger wheels also tend to be heavier and less portable than smaller wheels.

So make sure to consider the type of riding you’ll be doing and the terrain you’ll be traveling on before making your purchase.

Charge Time

Charge time is another important factor to consider when purchasing an electric unicycle.

Larger batteries will take longer to charge, but will offer a longer range. Smaller batteries typically charge more quickly, but may not have the range to cover long distances.

Make sure to consider the charge time of the unit you’re interested in before making your purchase, so you can be sure it will meet your needs.

Safety Features

Safety features are another important consideration when purchasing electric unicycles.

Look for units that include built-in safety mechanisms such as speed limiters, antispin buttons, and warning indicators to help keep you safe while riding.

Other safety features such as lights, reflectors, and a helmet are also a good idea, as the more precautions you take, the more it keeps you are your electric unicycles safe.

Additional Features

While the most important considerations when purchasing an electric unicycle are speed, range, and safety features, there are also other factors to consider.

These can include the unit’s weight, wheel size, and charging time, along with the availability of additional features such as lights, LED displays, and customizable settings.


Price is also an important factor to consider when purchasing an electric unicycle.

Depending on the features and quality of the unit, prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does an electric unicycle work?

An electric unicycle, also known as an e-unicycle, is a single-wheeled vehicle that uses electricity to power the rotation of its wheel.

The electric unicycle is controlled using the handlebars, which are used to steer the vehicle.

To ride the unicycle, the rider stands on the footrest and leans forward or backward to control the speed and direction of the vehicle.

2. What are the benefits of riding an electric unicycle?

Electric unicycles are a great way to get around town. They’re fast, easy to ride, and can handle a variety of terrain.

They’re also a lot of fun and can provide a great workout which makes them a great outdoor hobby.

Electric unicycles are also a great alternative to cars, bikes, and public transportation.

They’re compact and easy to transport, so you can take them with you wherever you go. And since they don’t require any fuel, they’re a more environmentally-friendly option than cars or motorcycles.

So if you’re looking for an easy, fun, and eco-friendly way to get around town, an electric unicycle is a perfect choice!

3. How do I choose the best electric unicycle for me?

When choosing the best electric unicycle for you, there are a few things to consider.

First, you’ll need to decide what type of riding you’ll be doing.

Electric unicycles come in a variety of styles, each designed for a different purpose.

If you’ll be mostly riding on paved surfaces, an urban or commuter unicycle is the best option.

These units have larger wheels and are designed to handle rougher terrain.

If you’ll be traveling on unpaved surfaces or off-road, a trail or all-terrain unicycle is the better choice.

You’ll also need to consider the unit’s speed, range, and charging time.

Make sure the electric unicycle you choose has the power and range you need to cover the distances you’ll be traveling.

And make sure it can be charged quickly so you’re not left stranded without power when out and about.

Finally, safety features should also be considered when making your purchase.

Look for units that include built-in safety mechanisms such as speed limiters and antispin buttons to help keep you safe while riding.

Other safety features such as lights and reflectors are also a good idea.

4. How do I charge an electric unicycle?

Most electric unicycles come with a standard AC adapter that can be plugged into any outlet.

Some units also come with a USB adapter, which can be used to charge the unicycle from a computer or other USB device.

The charging time for most electric unicycles ranges from 2-6 hours, so make sure you have enough time to fully charge the unit before heading out on a ride.

Charging the electric unicycle is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

To charge the unit, first, remove the battery pack from the electric unicycle.

Next, insert the battery pack into the charger and plug the charger into an outlet.

The LED light on the charger will turn red when the battery is charging and will turn green when the battery is fully charged.

Once the LED light turns green, remove the battery pack from the charger and reattach it to the electric unicycle.

Make sure to check that all connections are secure before riding.

5. Are electric unicycles legal to ride?

Electric unicycles are legal to ride in most states. However, there may be restrictions on where you can ride the unicycle.

Make sure to check with your local transportation authority to see if there are any restrictions or regulations in your area.