6 Best ATV Tires: Unbeatable Performance on Any Terrain 2023

During my time farming in Australia, ATVs were an indispensable tool in my daily life on the dairy farm. 

They were the workhorses, transporting equipment, navigating rugged trails, and ensuring the farm ran smoothly.

Throughout those years, I learned one undeniable truth: the right tires can make or break your day.

A punctured tire in the middle of the the dairy farm is a day’s work lost.

In this guide for best ATV tires, I’m channeling that hands-on experience to help you choose tires that won’t let you down.

The 6 Best ATV Tires Ranked

Best ATV Tires

Carlisle All Trail II ATV

The Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire is tailored for off-road enthusiasts, blending cutting-edge construction and modern features. Designed to deliver optimal performance across various terrains, it shines most prominently on mud. With its dedicated tread pattern and strength, the tire promises not just a ride, but an experience.

I’ve extensively tested the Carlisle All Trail II on various terrains, and the results have been enlightening. When I pitted this tire against the K229 in muddy conditions, the All Trail II was, frankly, inferior and struggled on intense mud surfaces. However, this tire demonstrated its real strength on hardening surfaces, gravel, and grass. My personal test on the gravel roads around my house yielded surprisingly smooth results, with the tire rolling effortlessly over the rocks, ensuring comfort and serenity for everyone aboard.

Type of Terrain /Tread Pattern:
The Carlisle All Trail II adopts a unique all-terrain tread pattern. The closely-spaced tread blocks resemble those found on truck/SUV all-terrain tires, making them ideal for paved roads, hardpacked surfaces with small rocks, and turf. However, when it comes to loose terrains or intense mud, the performance sees a dip.

Ply Rating:
With a 4-ply rating, the tire offers a balance between flexibility and strength. However, this does mean the puncture resistance is not as robust as higher ply-rated tires.


+ Solid Construction: Built for durability and long-lasting performance.
+ Perfect Road Grip: Ensures stability and safety during rides.
+ Versatile Performance: While it excels on hard-packed surfaces, it’s also suitable for light off-roading and turf without causing damage.
+ Comfort: It promises a smooth and noise-free experience, ensuring utmost comfort for all riders.


– Price: Slightly more expensive than its competitors.
– Mud Performance: Struggles with intense muddy conditions, as the closely- spaced tread blocks can clog easily.
– Puncture Resistance: The 4-ply rating might make it more susceptible to punctures compared to its higher-rated counterparts, especially when facing sharp or large rocks.

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Best ATV Tires all terrain

Kenda Bearclaw K299

The Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV tire is designed as a versatile option for various terrains. With its unique tread pattern and 6-ply construction, it promises longevity, durability, and excellent traction, especially in muddy conditions.


Terrains & Conditions it Performs Well:

The best thing about this tire is that it showcases exceptional traction on both wet and dry surfaces, making it especially adept at conquering muddy terrains.
In snowy conditions, the tire stands out due to its ability to remain supple even after long exposure to freezing temperatures.
On hard-packed surfaces, such as dirt and gravel, the K299 offers commendable grip and stability.
The tire’s design enables it to handle shallow mud remarkably well, with the angled lugs acting like paddles to ensure superior performance.
Sand is another terrain where the K299 performs decently.

Terrains & Conditions Where it Performs Poorly:

The K299 does not excel on smooth roads, as riders might experience traction issues.
While the tire can manage driving over rocks, it might not be the ideal choice for severe rock-crawling activities.
In very deep mud and sand, the tire’s performance might be limited.
Type of Terrain /Tread Pattern:
The tread pattern of the K299 is directional with angled knobs that provide impressive longitudinal traction on hardpacked surfaces. The central lugs further aid in stability and agility. However, the tread isn’t deep enough for very thick mud or sand terrains.

Ply Rating:


+ Outstanding performance in muddy conditions.
+ Good mud traction on snow and hard-packed terrains like dirt and gravel.
+ Usable performance in sandy conditions.
+ Decent traction and stability over rocks.
+ Durable with a long tread life due to its 6-ply construction.
+ Smooth ride on paved roads.


– Not as comfortable or quiet on smooth roads.
– May face traction issues on super-smooth terrains.
– Struggles in very deep mud or sand.
– Not the best for serious rock-crawling activities.

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Best ATV Tires for pavement


MASSFX KT is a highly-regarded ATV tire known for its prowess on paved surfaces. This version of the tire from MASSFX has been specifically designed to offer superior traction and performance on both dry and wet pavement, making it an excellent choice for those who predominantly ride their ATVs on such terrains.


Terrains & Conditions it Performs Well:

Paved Surfaces: Whether dry or wet, the MASSFX KT tire offers commendable traction and a smooth ride. The lugs bite down hard on the road, ensuring safe cornering and efficient braking.
Snowy/Icy Roads: Even in challenging icy conditions, the tire manages to retain its softness and provide a comfortable and secure feel, as opposed to other tires that might become rigid.

Terrains & Conditions Where it Performs Poorly:

Muddy, Sandy, and Rocky Terrains: Despite its prowess on paved surfaces, the tire’s performance in muddy, sandy, or rocky surfaces is not up to the mark. In particular, it struggles to move efficiently on muddy paths.

Type of Terrain/Tread Pattern:
The MASSFX KT features a non-directional tread pattern with a 1/2″ tread depth, which gives it a distinct appearance and contributes to its stellar performance on certain terrains. Additionally, large shoulder lugs have been incorporated into the design, not just for the aggressive look but also to protect the rim and sidewall.

Ply Rating:


+ Notably long lifespan, with some users reporting good performance even after 5 years.
+ Exceptional traction, particularly on paved roads.
+ Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.
+ Handles wet and dry conditions with ease.
+ Quiet performance on roads, minimizing distractions.
+ Tough construction with a special focus on the sidewall, ensuring increased durability and puncture resistance.


– Does not fare well on muddy, sandy, or rocky terrains.
– Despite its aggressive appearance, its off-road capabilities are somewhat limited.

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GBC Dirt Devil

The GBC Dirt Devil is a top-tier all-terrain ATV tire produced by Greenball. With over 20 years backing its performance, the tire is famed for its ability to handle a plethora of terrains such as dirt, gravel, hard pack, and light mud. The tire’s aesthetic and functionality combine a deep V-type tread, which allows it to dig into diverse terrains while ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. It’s no surprise to me that it’s Greenball’s top-selling ATV/UTV tire.


Terrains & Conditions it Performs Well:

Hardpacked Surfaces: Given its name, the Dirt Devil unsurprisingly excels on dirt surfaces and in desert conditions. Acceleration and braking are impressive, and its cornering capabilities are commendable. Its performance on gravel roads mirrors these characteristics.
Shallow Mud: The Dirt Devil proves to be fairly competent in shallow mud, providing solid traction, cornering stability, and predictability.
Paved Roads: Despite its aggressive tread pattern, the ride is surprisingly smooth on paved surfaces, and it remains reasonably quiet even at higher speeds.

Terrains & Conditions Where it Performs Poorly:

Deep Mud: The Dirt Devil, much like other tires in its category, tends to falter in deeper mud. Its tread struggles to effectively grip and churn through thicker mud, leading to potential traction issues.
Deep Sand: Acceleration might be a bit sluggish, particularly when immediate power is required.
Rock Crawling: As I initially imagined, the tire doesn’t hold up well in rock crawling scenarios. That said, most all-terrain tires generally don’t excel in this domain.
Type of Terrain/Tread Pattern:
The Dirt Devil boasts a directional tread pattern with sizable tread blocks and deep V-type lugs. These lugs are dimpled, offering additional biting edges that enhance traction and stability across various terrains.

Ply Rating:


+ Offers superior traction and agility on hardpacked surfaces.
+ Performs admirably in desert conditions.
+ Handles shallow mud commendably.
+ Its construction is both tough and durable.
+ Ensures a smooth ride on paved roads, which is a bonus!
+ The use of more natural rubber enhances the tire’s elasticity, boosting its overall maneuverability.


– Faces challenges in deep mud and on rocky terrains.
– I think its tread life might be a bit shorter compared to some other top-tier ATV tires like the Kenda Bear Claw K299.

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Wanda ATV Tires

Wanda ATV Tires are products of the Chinese tire manufacturer, Wanda – not to be confused with the Marvel hero. Touted for their impressive lifespan and durability, these tires are a favored choice for ATV users seeking a cost-effective option that doesn’t skimp on longevity.


Terrains & Conditions it Performs Well:

Dirt & Gravel Roads: The Wanda ATV tires showcase a satisfactory performance on dirt and gravel roads. Though they might not offer the ultimate grip and traction, they consistently deliver decent handling and stability.
Shallow Mud: The tire’s large scoops come into play on muddy terrains, especially in shallower patches. The occasional slip might occur if one isn’t cautious, but the overall experience remains positive.
Self-cleaning Ability: One feature I personally love is the tire’s self-cleaning pattern, ensuring that the tread remains free of mud and debris. This attribute is essential in maintaining consistent performance, especially after long trips on dirt roads.

Terrains & Conditions Where it Performs Poorly:

Gravel: The tire’s performance on gravel is fairly decent, but it does produce an unsettling noise, making the ride slightly less comfortable than I initially imagined.
Deep Mud: It’s best not to venture into the deepest of mud patches, as the tire might not handle extreme conditions as proficiently.
Rocky Terrains: Although it manages to navigate rocky conditions, the tire might struggle in more extreme situations. Considering its long lifespan, a trade-off in performance in extreme conditions is somewhat expected.

Type of Terrain /Tread Pattern:
The Wanda ATV tire features a pattern labeled P3501. This design incorporates large scoops, allowing for better performance in muddy terrains and contributes to the self-cleaning ability of the tire.

Ply Rating:


+ It boasts a quiet operation.
+ Commendable lifespan, lasting up to 15 years, which is impressive!
+ Sits among the best ATV trail tires in the market.
+ Exceptional self-cleaning capabilities.
+ Efficient performance in muddy terrains.


– Feels somewhat uncomfortable on gravel due to the noise.
– Might face challenges in extremely rocky or muddy conditions.
– The ride can be a tad harsh on hard-packed roads.

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SunF A050 Power

SunF A050 Power is designed for the performance purists who don’t wish to compromise on quality, regardless of the price. Its most noticeable feature is its intelligent lightweight construction, which makes it stand out in the all-terrain performance category.

When assessing the SunF A050 Power, it quickly becomes apparent that this tire is built to conquer a variety of terrains with ease. Its lighter weight—up to 30% lighter than many competitors—ensures that it doesn’t sink too deeply into softer surfaces like mud or sand. This lightweight attribute also means that even with added weight in the vehicle, the tire’s performance remains uncompromised.

On muddy terrains, it ensures a smooth and efficient ride, reducing travel time considerably. For instance, covering 20km of muddy terrain in just a little over an hour is not a challenge for this tire. On gravel, it continues to shine with its smoothness, softness, and absence of intrusive noise.

Its grip is commendable, given its advanced tread pattern that ensures maximum traction whether on wet, dry, or snowy terrains. Its performance in snowy conditions exceeded what I initially imagined. Even in extreme snow temperatures, the tire manages to retain its signature smoothness and lightness. Durability is another feather in its cap, promising several years of reliable use on diverse terrains.

However, all these features come at a cost, making it a premium product in its segment.

Type of Terrain /Tread Pattern:
The A050 Power boasts a high-end tread pattern that’s designed to enhance traction on a multitude of surfaces, be it wet, dry, or snowy.

Ply Rating:


+ Superior performance on diverse terrains
+ Exceptional traction in muddy conditions
+ Enhanced design for optimal performance
+ Highly durable
+ Absence of harsh noises


– Premium pricing might be a deterrent for some.

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ATV Tire Features for Pavement, Mud, Trail, All-Terrain, & Sand

Best ATV Mud Tires:

Primary TerrainMuddy, wet conditions
Tread DesignDeep, aggressive, wide-spaced treads
Self-Cleaning AbilityHigh; treads eject mud efficiently
Sidewall DesignReinforced to prevent punctures in rough terrains
Traction in MudExcellent
Traction on Hard SurfaceFair; might be too aggressive for some surfaces
Optimal Use CaseBogging, swamp crossings, wetlands

Best ATV Trail Tires:

Primary TerrainVaried trails, forests, dirt paths
Tread DesignModerate depth, closer spacing
Self-Cleaning AbilityModerate; designed to avoid debris build-up
Sidewall DesignSturdy sidewalls to handle trail obstacles
Traction in MudGood, but not optimized for deep mud
Traction on Hard SurfaceExcellent; optimized for hard-packed trails
Optimal Use CaseTrail riding, forest paths

Best All-terrain ATV Tires:

Primary TerrainMix of terrains: mud, trails, etc.
Tread DesignVersatile pattern, balanced design
Self-Cleaning AbilityModerate to high, depending on the design
Sidewall DesignBalanced for various terrains
Traction in MudGood on multiple surfaces
Traction on Hard SurfaceVery good; designed for various conditions
Optimal Use CaseMixed-use, general riding

Best Sand Tire:

Primary TerrainSand dunes and beaches
Tread DesignPaddle-like design or very smooth
Self-Cleaning AbilityLow, as sand doesn’t typically “stick”
Sidewall DesignLightweight for flotation
Traction in MudPoor; optimized for sand
Traction on Hard SurfaceFair to poor; may dig into hard surfaces
Optimal Use CaseDune riding, beach cruising

Best ATV Tires For Pavement:

Primary TerrainPaved roads and surfaces
Tread DesignLess aggressive, smoother tread with more surface contact
Self-Cleaning AbilityLow; less debris accumulation on paved roads
Sidewall DesignReinforced for longevity and to handle consistent hard surface contact
Traction in MudPoor; not designed for muddy terrains
Traction on Hard SurfaceExcellent; optimized for smooth and consistent grip on pavement
Optimal Use CaseStreet riding, urban areas, or long stretches of paved roads

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How to Choose Best Tires for Your ATV

Understanding Different Terrains

Navigating Mud, Sand, and Rocky Outcrops can be daunting.

But from my experience, choosing the right tire based on the most frequent terrain you encounter is vital.

If you’re like me and love the challenge of muddy trails, I recommend looking for tires with deep treads.

However, as I initially imagined, not all terrains require aggressive treads; sandy areas might need a smoother design.

Tire Tread Patterns Explained

Tire tread is basically the footprints of your ATV.

The balance between depth and spacing is crucial.

Why? Because the design determines how your vehicle interacts with the ground.

I advise taking a close look at tread patterns.

I think the right tread can be the difference between slipping and having a firm grip.

Sidewall Strength and Durability

When I first started with ATVs, I underestimated the importance of sidewall strength.

It protects against punctures and wear, especially in rough terrains.

Fairly often, a reinforced sidewall can be the key to tire longevity, especially if you’re navigating rocky terrains.

The Role of Tire Size and Width

Here’s something I learned the hard way: always match your tire size to your ATV’s specs.

Wider tires can offer better stability, but might not always be the best choice.

I recommend checking your ATV’s manual to be sure.

And, while wider tires might seem like a good idea, they’re not always the best fit, as I initially imagined.

Considerations for Seasonal Changes

If you’re like me and you ride your ATV year-round, you need to adapt to weather and temperature shifts.

I advise having a set of tires for winter and another for summer.

Trust me, snow and mud have very different requirements.

Price vs. Quality

Now, I’m fairly practical when it comes to spending, but I’ve found that investing in premium brands for ATV tires pays off in the long run.

That said, I think there are times when you can save without compromising too much on quality, but always read reviews before making a choice.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

I can’t stress this enough: always read customer reviews.

Learning from other riders’ experiences has saved me from making several mistakes.

The ATV community is vast, and the wisdom of the community has been invaluable in my journey.

So, my advice? Spend some time reading what others have to say.

My Review Process

Diving into the complexities of treads, materials, and terrain compatibility, I’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge.

I think it’s essential to understand not just the tire but the stories and experiences behind each design. Basically, when I recommend a particular ATV tire, it’s not just based on its specs.

My advice is rooted in countless hours of comparative analysis, feedback from fellow ATV riders, and personal testing. I advise anyone diving into the ATV world to prioritize research; it’s a game-changer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand for ATV tire?

The top-rated ATV tire brands include Maxxis, and ITP. Choice depends on specific needs and preferences.

What is the most aggressive ATV tire?

The most aggressive ATV tires available have deep, angular treads for mud terrains, such as the ITP Mud Lite.

What ply ATV tire is best?

For general trail riding, 4 to 6-ply ATV tires are ideal. For harsher terrains, 8-ply offers better puncture resistance.

What is the best ATV tire for driving in mud and trail?

Hybrid tires like Maxxis Zilla or ITP Mud Lite XTR provide balance between aggressive treads for mud and smooth trail performance.

I’d recommend them as the best ATV tires for trail and mud.

Are wide or skinny tires better in mud?

Skinny tires are preferable in mud as they can find traction underneath, while wide tires may float on top.

Are mud tires bad on pavement?

Mud tires can wear faster on pavement, may be noisy, and might not grip as well as street tires, especially in wet conditions.

How many years do ATV tires last?

Properly maintained ATV tires typically last 4-6 years. Factors like usage and storage conditions can affect lifespan.

How many miles should ATV tires last?

Good ATV tires generally last between 1,000 to 3,000 miles, depending on terrain, riding style, and tire quality.

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