About me - Ciaran Coughlan

About Ciaran

Alright, let’s get the pronunciation bit out of the way first – it’s “Kee-Rawn”. But hey, living in Australia has made me a bit flexible on that front. Call me however you like!

About Me - Ciaran & Gill

Why am I here typing away? Honestly, if I’m not doing something that feels productive, I start thinking I’m lagging behind in this relentless 21st-century race. Classic, right?

Flashback to my younger days in West Cork, Ireland. Picture this: It’s a bright sunny summer morning, and there’s no annoying 9-5 alarm ringing. Instead, the day’s plan is all about hopping onto my dad’s boat (from cruise liner to a nifty rib over the years) and bringing along some neighbours for island hopping. We’d anchor down, lunch, chat, dinner, and more chats. Pure gold, those days.

So, what’s with the powersports blog? It’s a shoutout to those boat days and more. I see this huge gap online for the powersports niche – it’s like an empty stage waiting for its star. And after tripping and stumbling with my blog for almost 2 years, making ALL the mistakes, I reckon I’m now geared up to give it the SEO and traffic boost it deserves. If I can help other companies in this space too? Well, bonus points for me!

About me - Ciaran & Gill

Life took a bit of a turn when I hit my mid-twenties. Became more of an introvert, got curious about personal development, and took my drinking down a notch from my college days. Oh, and I moved to Sydney with Gill (that’s “Jill” to you). We got the whole “welcome to Australia” package with a 6-month lockdown. While it did a number on my social nerves, it also gave me time to get lost in books, try out a bunch of side gigs (some crashed, some burned), and strengthened my bond with Gill.

Now, about this blog. If it lets me channel my thoughts creatively, gives me that one-hour-a-day escape from my regular 9-5 grind, and maybe – just maybe – helps or entertains someone out there? Well, I reckon I’m in this for the long haul.