About Ciaran

Well first off, it’s pronounced “Kee-Rawn” but ever since I’ve moved to the southern hemisphere (Australia) I’ve been less picky about how peers pronounce my name.

I’m sat here writing this blog because I’m a typical 21st century male who must be doing something productive at all times or else they’ll become anxious about falling behind in the rat race that is everyday life.

Upon reaching my mid twenties, I’ve become increasingly introverted and more interested in personal development. My college days consisted of drinking excessively 2+ times a week but as soon as I hit 25 I moved to Sydney, Australia with my partner Gill (pronounced ‘Jill’) where together we experienced a harsh 6 month lockdown.

While this time was difficult to endure, and the negative affect on my social anxiety is still apparent to this day. I’ve come out of the other end with a stronger relationship with my partner, 100’s of books absorbed, many side hustles crashed and burned. So a blog seems like the next best thing to explore.

If this blog creates for me an avenue whereby I can sit down for an hour a day, use my brain toward something with my name attached (unlike my 9-5), lay one brick a day towards building a wall, all while being creative and somewhat helping people, then I’ll probably (unlike with previous said endeavors) will stick to it forever.